Ultimate Natural Anabolic

Maximize Muscle Growth & Lean Muscle Gains† 

Increase in Strength & Endurance† 

Accelerated Muscle Regeneration & Reduced Muscle Soreness† 

Reduced Skeletal Muscle Atrophy & Improve Muscle Health† 

Increased Protein Synthesis & Myostatin Suppression† 

mTOR Activation & Increase in Mitochondrial Mass† 

Increased Protein Synthesis† 

Enhanced Workout Performance & Recovery† 

Build Muscle Muscle Builder stimulates and supports lean muscle growth, increases muscle size, and induces hypertrophy.† 
Increase Strength Engineered to boost strength and optimize workout performance through enhanced power.† 
Improve Recovery Experience significantly enhanced workout recovery, accelerated muscle regeneration, reduction in muscle soreness and a return to higher than baseline strength levels after fatigue. †
Enhance Protein Synthesis Enhances muscle protein synthesis significantly, contributing to faster muscle growth and recovery, thereby aiding in improved overall athletic performance.†
Activate mTOR Works via mTOR pathways to increase muscle synthesis, reduce muscle breakdown, increases mitochondrial mass and increases strength recovery.† 
Inhibit Muscle Breakdown By reducing inflammation, suppressing myostatin, and enhancing muscle protein synthesis, this product helps to reduce skeletal muscle atrophy and prevent the loss of lean muscle mass.†

High-Quality Trademark Ingredients